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Child Abuse Tolerance in Kenosha

Read the book, A Child Called “It”, written by Dave Pelzer. The child Shereen with stickwas severely abused. It could have been stopped a whole lot sooner but wasn't because of wrong practices in the system. One wrong practice is when the “authorities” (teachers, coaches, pastor, Sunday school teacher, extra-activity instructor – example “cub scouts”) see signs of abuse, they can't or won't act promptly. They also may be ignorant at how to know what to do! Why couldn't the Principal or Teacher ask the lunch thief what he has been eating? What did you have for breakfast? What did you have for supper? Did you have enough? Why not…etc? Why wasn't he asked?

Next is the social worker. The social worker gets brushed off so easily by just a couple of correctly answered questions. Kenosha is not immune to that. The child is in a strain to talk with the mother right there, and fear of the unknown if he answers something wrongly to face the fury of the mother later. Why couldn't the child be questioned alone? Is focus on the Mother's rights or is it on the Child's rights? If it is innocent without any child abuse, what harm would there be in isolating the child before thoroughly questioning him?

And the third area is the silencing of the father. If this country would support equal right for women this might not have happened. But the imbalance of giving women superior rights creates a flaw in the system to allow this particular case to happen. If the father was suspected by the mother to be squealing on her, the system allows her to have the power to throw him into jail regardless of the truth. The system leans very hard to that the woman is almost always the abused and therefore her story is right.

In Kenosha is there a Men's Horizon fighting for the victimized male? NO! And when there is an abused child involved, who gets contacted? Is it not the “The Women's and Children's Crises Center”? Children come secondary in listing and of importance too! Why can I say that? Because I have……..My Experience!

Teachings of a Church Cult
Parents need to discipline children at a very young age to change the carnal nature before it grows up and defies God. The child gets the start of their training when still in the crib. As it grows, punishment needs to increase in force and duration. Typical discipline of the child is to receive a swat for every year of their age. But the barbaric additive in their teaching is that the discipline doesn't begin until the child willfully lays over the bed, chair, toilet, etc…Any wrestling and swatting to submit into that position is extra and not part of the discipline. If it is a very fearful child, his punishment could last for hours with several hundred swats. I experienced that!

Cult Experience #1 For about 3 years I sat behind Sue O'Shea, the Pastor's wife and witnessed things that made me cringe. Uncountable times I witnessed her take a stick and beat her 2 and 3 year olds across the top of their hands, for falling asleep in Church Service. That is not punishment but cruelty. If they cried due to the pain, Sue would take her crying child and really work them over downstairs. Several

Pat & Sue O'Shea

times returning from Church, my wife would tell me she had changed one of the little O'Shea's diaper, and stated they had black and blue bottoms.

Cult Experience #2 My wife was caught up in obeying the Cult in whatever they taught, and still is. Several times I cam home to notice one of my children missing. Upon inquiring about it, I get told that the child wouldn't submit to my wife and was my responsibility to punish them. I get told they are waiting for me in the bathroom. I go in there and start inquiring the child (usually my Suzy) of what happened. Did you submit and lay across the toilet? NO! Did mommy hit you? Yes. My wife had randomly hit her body parts as she was sheltering herself with the toilet and arms. What did you do wrong? I didn't eat my lunch. At noon? Yes! So you sat in here since noon? Yes! It was 6-8 P.M. when I came home from work. She sat in the bathroom half a day! I told her to scream while I softly tapped. I felt she was punished enough. My wife discerned what was happening and told Pastor O'Shea. He called me in his office and forcefully reproved me. It was all part of events which led to eventually telling my wife to leave me.

Cult Experience #3 Several times I witnessed my wife grab a wooden spoon, ruler, stick, shoe, clothes hanger, or anything she could take, and then work over a child in fury. One night I went to bed and fell asleep. Suddenly I awoke for my children were crying and screaming. My wife had sent my children “to get their pajamas on”. The children obeyed and then started playing and waiting for her to call them for the evening story reading she did often. It was about ten o'clock in the night and the children were supposed to have known according to her to have gone to bed. They didn't know that and were surprise-attacked by a mother in fury. The screaming and pleading of the children awoke me. I was fear struck, too horrified to do anything because Pat O'Shea would break up my marriage if I stopped Shereen (my wife) from abusing my children. I witnessed as my wife grabbed little Bethany and spanked her in fury. Then one after another the little ones got spanked. It was not in love but beat them in a fury to vent her anger. I remember talking with Rachel (about 12 years old) the next morning and she stated she avoided most of the blows. I remember watching her through the door jumping from one side of the bed to the other while mommy had to run around the bed each time. I am thankful she didn't insist on the teachings of the cult that time. But I grieve thinking about the little ones that did get abused for not understanding that they should have gone to bed. I froze in a predicament because of the cult and Women's “equal” (superior) rights.

Cult Experience #4 The worst case of bruises I ever saw on anyone was on my child Stephen (age 5 then). We as a family were at the Ohio Church camp meeting. The services last about 2 hours. We just started to sing when I noticed Steve and Mommy missing. About 15 minutes later my wife returned and said she needed help spanking Steve. Inside of me the turmoil of fear started. I tried finding a way of escape. I asked if she spanked him some already. She answered that Steve has not submitted to the way the Church taught. Then she told me if I don't go with her right now, then she would go to the ministry. I was trapped. My marriage was over or I must help Shereen beat my child. I reluctantly went with her to the cabin. At the cabin I pleaded with my 5 year old Steve to submit to this teaching. He couldn't and it was my job to wrestle and pin him down. My wife started beating him 20-30 times. I released him, but still Steve couldn't submit. I pinned him again and she beat him. This beating and releasing continued for about 2 hours. Church service was out when we finally were finished, and he broke. I was devastated to witness this and blackmailed into it. The next day was when I saw the damage that was done. he was one mass of black and blue from almost his belt level down to the back of his knees. Inside to this day I am furiously crying at how much power that Barbaric, demonic cult has to influence people. Why didn't I rather choose to stick up for the child? I couldn't! There was no evidence before the beating and therefore she would automatically get the children, and I, the “Dave Pelzer Father” would be isolated without my children, for trying to protect them. I still grieve at what Steve looked like when I gave him that shower. The Suzy's bathroom experience was later, which is why I let her go. However it led to Pat O'Shea first reproving me for not beating my children anymore, which led to him telling my wife to leave me. It was quite a price I paid to not see my children anymore (or one and one-half days a month) because I violated the Church's abusive discipline rules, except they call it good submissive rules. I would never know if they got abused now, because I wait another month for each day and a half just to see them.

Cult Experience #5 The Church or Pat O'Shea was calling me in his office at least monthly for breaking some church rule. The home schooling was taken out of my hands (quiet, passive force) and became an illegal private school. We signed home school papers with the State of Wisconsin which stated “one family unit only”. O'Shea for themselves needed to also sign the paper for Wisconsin, but instigated a church-member private school therefore lying by signing that it is “one family”. Since Pat was on my trail to end my marriage as soon as he could find just cause, I figured I would give permission for discipline to my children if there is a behavior problem. I heard a few times that they got disciplined but didn't think much about it. After my wife left me and moved into Pat O'Shea's house with five of my children, I questioned my two boys that are with me, what kind of discipline they received. They told me that Pat O'Shea had made a paddle that was about one inch thick by six inches wide by eighteen inches long. It resembled a breadboard with a handle on it. They had to bend over and grab their ankles while Pat beat them with that paddle usually for not doing their school work on time. Sue O'Shea beat my oldest boy for thinking something was funny and laughed. She made him put his hands against the wall and beat him with that paddle. I had witnessed Pat beat other children too! I turned all this information in to the Police and Juvenile Center. Nothing could be done because there were not any bruises left, and a year had gone by for the statute of limitations, and that I had given permission. Permission? That bone-braking device is not discipline, what's next, a meat cleaver? and for laughing? But no Justice anyway, not in Kenosha!

1.) Be a woman – Authorities believe your story better.
2.) Have a Church back you up that is capable of lying by omission.
3.) If questioned always tell them that it was over a year ago. Limitations!
4.) Find out who squealed on you, and get rid of them, remove them. After you pass the authorities' questioning, you can pick up your practice of abuse again. Kenosha won't allow random checks because of invasion of privacy. And if the squealer is no witness anymore, he wouldn't have insight to tip the authorities for new abuse instances.
5.) Dress your children overly modest so the bruises are hid always.
6.) Home School so they won't have scrutiny from outsiders in Public Schools.
7.) Isolate yourself from others.
8.) Soak them in Epsom Salt if there is bruises.

Enjoy. Sick but true in Kenosha, It happened!

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