Screwed Kenosha Style

Corruption and Fraud in High Places?

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Eph. 6:12

Being a victim of the Kenosha Court System, I get surrounded with a wide variety of knowledgeable incarcerated people. Each person brings into this mystery of possible corruption some new facts, new thoughts, or reinforcements of what appears to be happening. Each thought or number that I give may not be a "Bullseye," but I think it is at least very close to the center.

First let us establish the idea that a prisoner of Kenosha brings money to Kenosha. The approximate dollar amount that is placed upon each inmate varies a little depending upon their classification. A regular inmate "costs" about $70 per day, while a federal inmate about $130 per day. But now we must look at the word "costs." Now is the jail funded by just Kenosha county or is it funded by the State of Wisconsin? Now if it is funded by the state, isn't that a convenient way to pull the tax-payers money from throughout the state and bring it to Kenosha? Keeping the jail house full is a big business and people become a commodity for the slightest offence. The most efficient and profitable business is the one that is at it's full production. The example is a motel with no vacancies or the department store with every cash register being used. Any construction equipment sitting is not as efficient than if every piece is operated everyday, all day.

The same holds true for this jail. Each prisoner represents revenue for Kenosha. Sure the Kenosha tax-payers taxes just get recirculated back into Kenosha. But what if it is funded by the state? I believe this is effecting you even if you are not from Kenosha. Now some of the inmates are here because of some petty debt or ticket. Let us suppose that someone has $200 in vehicle violations. The courts will eagerly throw them in jail for two weeks. Why? Now I want you to think about it.

Take 14 jail days and multiply them by $70 per day. The total is about $980. But then there are some more hidden factors that you need to consider, above the $70 per day, (state tax money) there is an individual $20 booking fee. Because I was released for two months I got charged twice for booking. That booking fee gets paid first before the inmate can buy anything from the commissary. And what about the extreme inflated prices? Inmates can buy a cheap quality pen that resembles the inside of a Bic pen, just half the length though, for 90¢. You can buy a whole bag of them at Wal-Mart or an office supply store for that. Any snacks are extremely inflated too! A tiny bag of chips is about 80¢. Having a price sheet in your locker is a contraband, I think. That is okay because I have one already in the outside world. Now consider this irony. All commissary and booking fees get paid with cash or other untraceable funds.

Checks are traceable and also are not accepted. Coincidence? Any cash on a person gets taken from them upon arrest. But upon release of that very same person, any unused funds (at least $20 used for booking fee) gets refunded by a check. Wouldn't it be uniquely convenient for a jail to show their expenses by all those cancelled checks that they paid out, but not have proof of a single check coming in? Would it not be easy to swindle at running a commissary business that is all cash and highly inflated?

So if you were running a jail and court business, what would you prefer? Would you work with a person that owes $200 or would you throw them in jail as quick as you could, so you could collect well over a $1000 instead, from a tax-payers money? Would you pay a Judge some of the cash as a finders fee to keep your jail full? Would that be "job security?"

Another thing that confounds me is what I heard about prisons and their luxurious exercise facilities. Those tales obviously did not include KCDC (Kenosha County Detention Center). There isn't any exercise equipment and most other natural exercises are prohibited. There is an outdoor recreation (rec) area that is available if the weather is dry. There is an indoor rec but it it not available to the average inmate even if it is raining. However it the weather is nice the option to go outside is for once or twice a day for approximately one hour each time. I described it in my website from the "letters from prison," of what the outdoor consist of. What can you do in a 90' x 50' concrete room? You can't jog or run. There is one window ledge that joins another dorm on each side of this room. It sure would be nice to do some inclined push ups off of those ledges, but that is forbidden. You can't do squats. There is a basketball backboard, but without a hoop or ball.

On September 20, 2004 several people went to the rec. There is a craving for exercise amongst the men so they become resourceful. A small group of them lifted individuals up to the pipe that supports the basketball backboard to do pull ups. The third person "privileged" up was caught and taken to the "hole." Now I can only vicariously explain that feared place. It is a small solitary place with a bed, a sink on top of a toilet combination and a tiny floor space where you can barely change your mind. You get no phones, no visits, no mail, no books to read, only bright lights 24 hours a day for the duration of your stay. Your punishment could vary from a few days up to several weeks.

Because of that pipe "pull up" violation the whole dorm was grounded from the outdoor rec and it's exercise for three days, even to the people that had stayed inside. Would it be justice if the police caught a speeder that he could just shut the whole freeway down for three days, because of it?

It is forbidden to exercise inside the dorm except for walking back and forth in the room. It appears that once again "job security" for KCDC is promoted for their advantage if they physically deteriorate the inmates so they couldn't perform at physical work when they get out. If they have never developed the mental capacity and then destroy the physical potential, they are bound to come back to KCDC.

KCDC also supports food waste. It is a major offense if you get caught exchanging food. Any food even if it is an unopened carton of juice or milk, needs to be thrown away instead of another inmate consuming it. I witnessed several inmates getting caught for that. They were handcuffed and taken to the "hole."

Now tampering with the U.S.Mail, isn't that a Federal offense? Would I not be offending Federally if I opened and read you mail? I could see an inmate needing to show the guard the interior of the envelope and the letter to make sure there are no contraband before sealing it. But in KCDC the guard opens and reads each letter coming in or going out before they seal it. Isn't that an invasion of privacy and also a Federal offense?

I would like to mention though that there are a lot of nice guards. I believe they perform their duties in fear from their superiors. It seems that the guards that are not cruel to the inmates must get reproved by the corporals. It appears that the guards that are the sternest get the promotions or are trying to! But it is the friendly guards that I am grateful for. They are the ones that make the difference in enjoying the day or fear and dreading it all day.

In final, I wish the FBI, CIA and the IRS would investigate this place to see if there is wickedness and testify to them of all the things I have seen and experienced. There are other suspicions I have too! ONe is the medial area and how it it handled, probably unlawful. Another is that I think about April - June, it seemed like there were drugs or medications in the foods or drinks. Having never touched drugs, never been drunk and had very little pharmacy drugs, my body would be more sensitive to things like that, if it was being done. But it is only a suspicion. Never the less, I would love to talk to the Feds. Being in this place is not fun, but experiencing how this place operates has been exciting and very educational. It was a great pleasure in temporarily being a spy and a writer. It is compliments of Judge Mary K. Wagner to put me in jail so I can ponder, think, and write things down. I wouldn't have that time if I was out working and supporting my children.

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