Screwed Kenosha Style

Geno J...

was born in Chicago. His father left him at about four years of age. After that he was shuffled back and forth from his mother to his grandmother. His mother eventually was murdered and so was his father-in-law. He grew up in a life of crime and drugs. He spent time in jail and prison because of that.

Now years later his past is still haunting him. He was about two months shy of finishing his P.O. papers. He was living with his girlfriend but discontented from what I could tell. She has bipolar disorder and other mental issues. She was getting two hours of counseling a week. She also had health issues. She was six weeks along in her seventh pregnancy of which three of them ended up in miscarriages. From March 22 to the 28th of 2004 she had been daily bleeding or spotting and daily seeing a doctor. The prognosis was that it would be very unlikely that the pregnancy would come to term.

Now I disagree with Geno having an affair. The second girlfriend called which created a fight. It was then that he just left and went to his brothers. Now the following is the way Kenosha operates. You are guilty until proven innocent. His live in girlfriend called 911 and said that Geno punched her in the stomach.

She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I saw the police report. Evidence recovered - NONE, disposition of evidence  - N/A, photos - NONE. The police had absolutely not proof besides that she said so. I also saw the medical reports. There was no sign of bruising, trauma or anything besides her story that her stomach hurt. The authorities say that she was bleeding because he hit her. The medical reports say that she was bleeding daily for several days and was also on medications for it. Two children were in the house and yet not even they saw the fight and never heard a single scream. Does this seem possible or is it also ScrewedKenoshaStyle?

Just by the words of a jealous girlfriend, he is in jail for several months waiting for sentencing. Because of his past he was revoked and is facing prison time again with a possibility of ten years.

In Kenosha your past is magnified tremendously. You become a victim of that you used to be and become automatically guilty, even if there is a false charge. If you have any criminal past, do not move to Kenosha unless you are willing to take the risk of doing jail time of someone's lying accusations, which could condemn you strictly because of your past.

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