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Is it a Cult?

To properly diagnose that question, we need to get the definition of the word Cult. There is a passive definition and there is that loathsome, repulsive, disgusting definition. The passive definition would simply be a system or community of religious worship and ritual with an obsessive devotion to a person or ideal. That definition would include just about every gathering in the world. However there is an ugly sense of the word.

When the word is spoken many people picture hundreds of people drinking poison, because their leader had them brainwashed into thinking that that was good. The city of Waco, Texas crosses other peoples minds. One of the similarities between those two is the word CONTROL! The leaders smoothly take control over their followers until they seem to willfully submit every substantial decision to their leader. The followers will yield in spiritual, financial, marital, mental and personal decisions, letting their leaders influence their decisions greatly. That is the definition I give to this Cult that tore my family apart.

However CONTROL is not the only attribute to make a Cult. With control they will often CONTRADICT SCRIPTURE. Then they fall into INCONSISTENCIES with their own scripture interpretation. In this Cult I also noticed a big lack of CHRIST-LIKE behavior when they regard someone as their enemy. But then there is usually a mild and meek MULTITUDE of followers that makes the movement seem so innocent. "There are so many nice people. How can they be wrong?" I will try to show you how they fit in everyone of those areas.

When you first meet these people, they seem so kind and helpful. They go out of their way in demonstration of love as the Bible teaches. They will sacrifice in money and actions to convince you that they are the sheep. But wait until someone makes a firm stand against what they preach and the wolf starts tearing apart flesh. They CONTRADICT SCRIPTURE by ripping apart marriages. Mine is only one of many. The list is long of families destroyed viciously by this Cult. Look up the website that I talked about in my other pages. In the Restoration site article titled "Severed Lives" (Pauletta Tinsman), read about her excommunication and shunning. I've seen the letter that was sent to her by the church Cult leaders. She was told that she was barred from any church gatherings including weddings or funerals. If one of her parents died, she would need a police escort to keep from being barred from the funeral. Is that the love of Christ? Is that what Christ taught? "Shun your enemies, hate them that despitefully use you. Tear marriages apart that God had put together?" Of course not and that is the greatest convincing proof for me that this is a Cult, that needs to be silenced and destroyed. What God had joined together, let no man (includes Pat O'Shea) put asunder.

And yet Patrick O'Shea said that Shereen needed to leave me. In about one month later she did and moved in with him. To shun the excommunicated one is preached from their pulpits. Ironic how they think that the victim that gets all this cruelty, will again be attracted to this Cult and come back to make amends. How is someone that experiences all this hateful spirit, supposed to comprehend it to be the love of God? Is it more like the onslaught of the Devil? The Cult would have shunned the Apostle Peter for the rest of his life. They would never go to find him at his ship (vocation) and speak to him in love to win him back. Peter would have to come back to the Cult, crying for mercy in repentance, admitting that they are the Only, One, True and Loving church, before he would be accepted. I'm thankful that God is love, which is opposite of the counterfeit emotion that they labor to present.

The CONTRADICT scripture by frequent, repetitious terms they use. In their own group they will always address each other as Brother Pat, Brother James, Sister Sue etc. It would be a slip-up if you ever heard their names without the Brother or Sister word attached to it. Go visit the Cult and hear it for yourself. And then listen to their sermons with the Contradictions and Inconsistencies. In all the years that I sat under their preaching, it was almost never that you would hear the People of the Bible addressed with the Brother attachment. I never heard them say Brother Abraham or Brother Isaac of the Old Testament. Never did I hear Sister Martha, Sister Mary, Brother Lazarus or Brother Peter from the New Testament either. And rarely did the married couples call their spouses by that title. They violate it also with Parents and their children. That Cult is INCONSISTENT and also Contradicting or adding to Scripture. Were the disciples carnal or of less "light" than this Cult when they called each other by their first name only? If that is true, than the Cult has more light than Jesus had also! He never addressed anything to Brother Peter, Brother James and Brother John. The Cult has added (Rev. 22:19) the "title" as a standard of measurement that they use to see your level of Spirituality. It is a shame that even Christ did not pass this test (according to them).

Now if you visit their Cult, do not be quickly deceived by them attaching the Brother or Sister title in front of your name. They use that as a leverage to get you in and also later to get you out. They will eagerly give you that title if you appear to enjoy them, their services and moving in their direction. But as soon as you make a stand against their doctrine, the title gets dropped immediately.

The Cult restrictively calls themselves, "The Saints." They preach from the pulpit that others are "The Ain'ts." When Christ returns and you are not with them you will be lost, going to hell! That became the root cause of my trouble. I wrote articles against that fake doctrine which got the Pastor to destroy my family. In a Pastor's meeting in the 1990s, Danny Layne told the Pastors that... "We don't need Free Thinkers, get rid of them!"

I bought an Almanac and did a project. The Bible says something like that there will be a redeemed people from every tribe, Country, nation, and language. So I used the Almanac and wrote down the population from each Country beside it. Then I asked the ridiculous question of how many of the "Saints" are there per each Country? Outside of the USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany and one Country in Africa; the total for all other Countries is a Big Zero. Either the Bible verse lied or it will be a long time until Jesus comes or the Cult has a false Concept that they are the only ones.

Then I continued with the World population. I took an eye dropper and counted out how many drops it takes to fill up a teaspoon, which eventually figured out to how many drops in a gallon. Calculating hypothetically that one drop represents a 1,000 people, the population of the world today would fill over (as I can remember) fifty of the 55 gallon drums or barrels. Picture 50 of those large barrels full of Black drain oil, which represents the lost that will go to hell. And now picture the quantity contrast with ONLY three drops of clean water, representing themselves with their approximate 3,000 world-wide population, the only ones going to heaven? It is a ridiculous thought when I had it written and drawn out on paper. No wonder they had to get rid of me. I was a Free thinker and undermining their Cultish ideas. All the bogus charges on my "Timeline" page is only the excuse for their actions against me. The real reason is that I dared to tell them that they are wrong. It cost me my wife, my children, my business and a six month jail sentence.

Next I would like to address their lies and deception. Read the "Timeline" when Ralph Salz died in the Assistant Pastors house next door to the Pastor Pat O'Shea. I still remember the Police officer telling Pat..." It appears that the body was dead for a while. Why wasn't he honest according to his own sermons and say that he intentionally waited so there wouldn't be any CPR? Danny Layne and Pat O'Shea decided together to deliberately cool the body down so that all chances of medical attention would be obsolete.

On the website there are several articles about the baby that died in California. We in Kenosha were ordered to earnestly pray for the sick child because it could die. In one of the court hearings when asked why didn't they call for any medical help, they replied that they didn't know how sick the child was. Talk about Pastor Control and Cult brainwashing. Normally when you wash something you clean it. This type of washing dirties or pollutes the mind.

I love the Kenosha News article on my web site. Pat O'Shea tried to be so cool in convincing the reporter that they never spanked. I appreciate how that liars will eventually be exposed. They may not flat out lie by saying something that is not true, but the evasiveness of the questions or telling only part of it is the way they operate.

One of my funniest confrontations I had with Pastor Pat O'Shea is with the issue of gold. They preach that the Bible condemns gold and they eradicate it from any of their belongings. If their watch was silver, but it had four tiny dots in the 3, 6, 9 and 12:00 o'clock positions, they would get rid of it. Knowing what he was going to say ahead of time, I asked Pat as to where the Bible condemns it? He told me in Peter 3:3. I said Great! Let's outline it for there are three things that it talks about, but you are only choosing to pull out one thing. The words "let it not be," to me is that, let us not put our whole emphasis on it. But he argued that it is n absolute... "NO, don't do this!" I said O.K., but then be CONSISTENT at all of the three things mentioned... 1.) don't braid your hair 2.) don't wear gold 3.) and don't put on clothes... go naked! He quickly said you do NOT HAVE EXTRA clothing. I told him to be consistent then with EXTRA gold too! He was adding words to suit his belief. Last time I seen he was still wearing clothes.

Another thing I enjoyed confronting him on is their belief on divine healing. After the child's death in California they had a Ministers meeting to get themselves below the Authorities Radar screen. They smoothly worded that they will No longer "Withhold" Medicine from children. Don't kid yourself with their sly and deceptive ways. What you can all read into that statement of them willfully giving medical attention to their children now is what they want you to believe. Don't be deceived by the outside white wool. It does not mean that they are sheep now. I would need to see the medical records from the O'Shea's family for me to consider believing that.

They taught divine healing for all the years that I was there. I seen a lot of people participate in their rituals, including my family. After several years at studying the Bible and watching their commotion, I started getting irritated by them. I got tired of watching my oldest son suffer with asthma, the same with or without their prayers. Not once out of the hundreds of times, did I witness a Bible type miracle healing. They are the dark storm clouds that have no water. They are all lightning, thunder, big show and noise, but they have no fruit that I seen. They don't have it.

Pat told me then that they die in the hospitals, too. I told him then that if ten people had a ruptured appendix, I believe all ten would walk out of the hospital in a few days. On the other hand if they were in your care, I would hope that there would be at least one person that would live.

I continued by getting some colored recipe cards. I used one color for each one of the four gospels. Then I wrote each healing that Jesus did on one of the cards. It was amazing how it said, ... and immediately he was healed, ... and straight away they were healed, ... from that moment, ... that same hour, ... and he stretched forth his hand and it was healed, ... and the lame got up, ... etc! I asked Pat why did all the miracles mentioned in the Bible, that the healings are all instantaneous while the Cults healings are are over several days IF at all? A person comes to you sick with the flu. You anoint and pray for them and three days later they are healed. They call that divine healing. I then say, but the town bum and the stray dog gets a flu and three days later they too are healed. Are all of them divinely healed or none of them? Your God is a weak God. You don't have the goods that you claim and preach about. Jesus and the Apostles had it. They touched and it was done, like a light switch brings immediate light or healing.

Danny Layne tried to debate by saying the ten lepers were "healed as they went." How far or how many days did they travel before they realized they were healed? Remember they only needed to go to the priest. If it was days then how come one of them could still run back and thank Jesus? How many days did Jesus stand there in that spot for that to happen? Or was the healing a gradual healing with one square inch healed every ten steps they took?

Was Naaman healed a 14.3% cleaner for every dip in the Jordan river or was the healing 100% on the seventh dip? (II Kings 5) I believe the ten lepers went away and within a few hundred yards realized they were healed, just a delayed time for the light switch. It is ironic how the Cult beieves that they are the One True Church because they preach divine healing, while all fallen Churches run to the doctors. And yet if it is a sickness that is life threatening they will die.

I asked Pat to show me examples where Divine healing did happen miraculously in his experience. He did give me two examples. I taunted him then that both examples were from other churches that he calls Babylon. Why is the healing spirit of Christ in the other groups while you claim to be THE CHURCH, but can't give me not even one example of your own? How many people, prayers and years didn't it work?

The Cult takes a strong stand against any government involvement. I have heard several messages against the U.S. Flag. My landlord used to go to their Cult, but also had a U.S. Flag hanging on the front of his house. It seemed like each Sunday we heard the preaching against the flag until he took it down. I remember hearing that we are not supposed to pledge to this country or to any other person except to God. However the thought of INCONSISTENCY crossed my mind, when I witnessed a few of their marriages where the couples exchanged vows or pledged "till death does us part!"

There are so many other experiences and contradictions I've seen while I was amongst them. The one that hurts the worst is the tearing apart of families. I never forcefully touched my wife and yet she tried to frame me with domestic abuse and violence. I marvel at how cruel the Cult and their recruits (my wife) can get. Sue O'Shea had their door slammed in my face. Later they lied and said they didn't know I wanted to see my family that was living in their house. They have hung up the phone on me. Sue has been, I believe, to every court hearing of my wife's and mine. One time the Cult had a big meeting in Kenosha the same time as one of the court hearings. It seemed like half the courtroom filled up with Cult members. They work hard at intimidation of their victims.

I tried my hardest at displaying love to my wife even after she left me. I bought flowers, gifts, and spent about $500 in the first year after she left me. I sent about 20-30 letters pleading with her, telling her that I love her. Never was there a response from her. If I am a half an hour late at dropping off the children she already screams "contempt!" But then in our Marital Settlement agreement we agreed that I would have the children one full week in the summer. This summer I didn't get them because she said it doesn't work out this year, because she has too many plans with them and I was deprived. But it is unthinkable that Judge Mary K. Wagner would consider enforcing or even acknowledging that my wife is in contempt. It is October and I only had my children for 4 1/2 days this year. I am scheduled to have them the day after Thanksgiving, but once again I may not get them. The Cult usually has an Oklahoma meeting during that Thanksgiving week. I am already expecting that my wife will say that it it conflicting with their schedule and I might once again deprived. And as long as I have Judge Wagner there isn't much I can do. I wish I could afford the best attorney in a 100 mile radius that could change this injustice. It's tough to be broke!

I still think of the day that my wife took my children and left me. My mom suddenly died in January, of 2002. My family was in grief of the sudden loss and was getting together for the first time since the funeral on Easter Sunday in memory of mom (March 31st). The controlling Cult had a rule "If the church doors are open you have to be there." I didn't have O'Shea's permission to miss their service to be with my family, therefore I was going to be in violation. It is strange how their stories change. If you asked the Cult now why my wife left me, they might tell you that I was a violent man and Shereen fled for her life. However the following week after Easter I had called the Assistant Pastor James Degraffenried and he confirmed that she is gone because I was trying to pull my family away from church. I am in deep spiritual trouble when I tried to do that, and won't be able to be with my family until I get some serious help at THEIR altar. I lost my Mom, my Wife and my Family, all within about two months.

So do you think it is a Cult? Am I being too harsh and wrongfully accusing them of something they are not? Sure there are a lot of nice sincere people caught up in it, that believe they are doing right. But does that make the foul, condemning, controlling spirit right? I am still in shock from how cruel my wife became by simply the influence of the Cult. Just that by itself convinces me that it it not of God. If she had a Godly Spirit (Peter 3:1-2) none of this website would ever have been published and most never developed. Judge Wagner could have possibly retired from her unjust kingdom if she would not have made me one of her victims.

I fantasize of how I can expose her and the Cult through different forms of media and utilizing my website. It would take money, connections, and the people (you) to make a change. The easiest thing you can do if you are reading this, is to spread this site to other people. I want to thank you if you are doing that. You might only give it to one person , but that person might be the editor of a Newspaper, or the owner of a large billboard. Maybe they are or know the best attorney that I need. Maybe they are the greatest computer whiz that can make my site come up on every computer in the world on Monday morning. Or maybe that person could stop the injustice in the court or Cult.

Judge Mary K. Wagner wouldn't change the amount of time I can spend with my children. I only get them from Friday noon until Saturday evening, only the fourth weekend of every month, I can't have them Sunday because Wagner said my children need to be Sunday in church with their mother. I said it is a Cult. Judge Wagner said "Everyone is entitled to their opinion." What is then your opinion of her? Would you vote for a judge that supports this Cult as a church, requiring my children to participate? What if they were your children? Would you feel like a victim of Wagner? And would you hire an attorney like John Anthony Ward that half-way into the fight backs off and says "Who can determine which church is good and which one's are not? We no longer will fight them on it," and he started giving away my case. It amazes me how money can blur the vision. I sure would like to know who's money.

In final I am just begging for any help you can give me. I appreciate any of your efforts in trying to change injustice of the Cult and the Kenosha courts. I love and appreciate each one of you that have taken the time to read this. Thank you so very much and keep spreading the website! I am thankful to have friends like you that I can count on! God Bless!

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