Screwed Kenosha Style

Is it a Cult?


Sermon: "The Teaching of Revelations"

4:10 minutes
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Part One
6:30 minutes
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Overview picture and interpretation of: four beasts, Dragon Paganism Apostasy turned into Catholicism, Popery

Part Two
5:13 minutes
1.2 MB

Early Church bond Paganism, Satan sends next for Catholicism, then Lutheranism, Wesleyanism, Protestantism (man-made religions)

Part Three
4:28 minutes
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Great Sect time -- All Babylon, Fake doctrine rampant. Includes small home churches as false. First "Come Out" call.
Part Four
5:08 minutes
1.2 MB
Warner Movement finally silenced. Now it is their (Cult) responsibility to pour judgment on Babylon--Paganism, Catholicism, Protestantism.
Part Five
4:13 minutes
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Political, Pagan, Papal Rome. Satan changes identities from Paganism to Catholicism, then to Protestantism... same origin--the devil.
Part Six
4:16 minutes
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True Church is mighty angel, not soft speaking effeminate ministry and not of the Babylon origins.
Part Seven
5:16 minutes
1.2 MB
Picture of true church and ministry, clothed in full light
Part Eight
5:38 minutes
1.3 MB
Part Nine
4:54 minutes
1.1 MB
Part Ten
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