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Fortress of Corruption I was wrongfully framed with an atrocious income, twice the amount which the IRS and banks accepted me at. While in jail, I heard the judge had a 2nd DUI. Upon release, I made an extensive search in finding out the details. After some investigation, I finally was directed to the correct building which had access to the information I was seeking. With help from a stranger, I personally saw the document which needed a special access code. My biggest regret is that I did not get a photocopy of that document. It read, “Wisconsin vs. Mary K. Wagner, 2nd DUI, the address on the document was the identical (2nd Ave. Kenosha) address which I later acquired of “Judge” Mary K. Wagner, the document had a birthday which was about 1950. Prior to finding this document, I was mistaken by believing the judge lived about 20 miles west of that address and therefore neglected to get a copy. REASONING: What are the chances that this Mary K. Wagner has the same identical name, lives at the same precise address, same birthday, and also requires a special access code for both of their criminal records; everything is identical with “Judge” Mary K. Wagner and yet could it be a different person? Do cousins or identically named sisters live together? Wagner is her married name of 1st husband.

Across America, parents are getting incarcerated for slapping their child. If that is so wrong, why did Judge Bruce E. Schroeder, order everything off-record, and then elaborated how he approves teachers & principals beat children with sawed-off golf clubs and stated that he would NOT consider that child abuse?


If at the next Presidential election only ONE name would be on the ballot, this country would be in an uproar! Regardless if it was a democrat or a republican, half the nation would scream, “Dictatorship!”, and it would be rightfully so. Whenever there is only one name on the ballot, it technically is NOT an election. However, this dictatorship election has been going on for decades when it comes to the judges of Kenosha. Why? Suppose I am the presiding judge, and you want to run against me. A requirement to run for judge is that you have to be an attorney. You would also need to be from this same city for you to have any chance of winning. What would happen to you if you lost the election? I would never allow you to win a case again in my court room. Your practice would be over. You would have to move and start over in another city. If you think this is fable, why is there only one incumbent name on the ballot for the last 30 years, but when the city expanded and added another judge position, several attorneys campaigned for that new position? The citizens are held hostage by this dictatorship!


Politicians need to eliminate this dictatorship by passing a “NOT THEM, LAW”. If attorneys are too scared to run against a judge, and the citizens despise the existing (incumbent) judge, they should be able to write below that judge’s name, “Not them!” If “not them” gets the biggest amount of votes, the incumbent judge just got voted out of office, and another REAL election will be held in 30 days. I am sure that several attorneys will fight over that position! However, that is only a dream, and America continues to have a judicial dictatorship because politicians are too scared to touch this fortress of corruption. Judge Hitler continues to control this life-long dictatorship, inflicting outrageous sentences upon citizens for crimes which the judge is guilty of violating themselves. I heard Judge Mary K. Wagner is up for election again this next year. Kenosha citizens can put an “X” in front of the criminal’s name, or they can leave without putting any mark there. Either way the DUI dictator wins the election!


About ten years ago, I contacted Governor Doyle. He informed that the Judicial Commission is the agency that investigates if a judge is out of line. I wrote that place numerous times, explaining how Judge Mary K. Wagner ran out of her courtroom as I entered it for my scheduled hearing. Behind closed doors, she ordered me to be simply arrested without EVER getting that hearing. The Judicial Commission stated that was a decision for the judge, and not a misconduct action! I was directed to the Court of Appeals, but they dismissed it because there was no “written” record or decision of what was said at the hearing that NEVER happened. An option is to take the case to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. I have a document that shows Judge Mary K. Wagner giving “campaign contributions” to the Chief Supreme Court Judge! What chance would you have complaining to the Chief Judge (whom you never donated any money to), about a corrupt judge who has bribed lots of money to the Chief?? The Judicial Commission, the Court of Appeals, and the WI Supreme Court are all part of this Fortress!!

I thought the politicians at one time would be a remedy. Did you ever hear, “If you have a problem, contact your congressman”? I contacted EVERY one of the following politicians: All WI & MN Senators at the state level AND at the Federal level in DC., All WI & MN Representatives at the state level AND the ones in DC., former and current Governors, I even went to DC and personally passed out a flyer to EVERY Senator of the United States! During the last 12 years, less than 10 politicians have EVER responded. Their response is that they are either the Legislative Branch of Government (Governors = Executive Branch), and that they can’t meddle with the Judicial Branch. They simply tell me, “If you have a problem with a judge, contact the Judicial Commission, the Court of Appeals, or the WI Supreme Court.” One congressman gave me several pages of where I could get legal help. I don’t think he knew that Family Court victims are discriminated against getting a public defender. Are the politicians helpless against this Fortress of Corruption and Dictatorship? Can America add the symbols of the “hammer & sickle” or the swastika to the WI flag? I would say no, IF there was a way out of this dictatorship like the politicians passing a “Not them, Law”. Before that happens, Judge Hitler or Judge Stalin can continue to reign without any accountability or consequence for their actions. It is not just Wisconsin, this is a national dictatorship problem.


I have seen problems that are corrupt get quickly resolved when public attention can be brought upon the issue. I noticed some change after I wrote 3 books on this case of corruption. You can listen (on my website) to several radio talk shows that I was on when the topic is about my first book which was about religious cults. However, when the topic changes to my second book concerning this issue which I am presenting now, the media options become as rare as a saber tooth tiger. I have tried for a decade to get on TV, and the only opportunity I got was this year when my doctor made me the star of the show. He made a movie of me called, “Colonoscopy”! I was such a good actor that he demanded a sequel in ten years! However, outside of that, NOBODY, (SO FAR) wants anything to do with it. So the question is, what must a person do before the media would eagerly swarm toward you to get publicity? If you found a large crowd of people, let’s say near the DC capitol, and you lit up a Wisconsin flag on fire, would you get on national TV then? Would painting, “” on sidewalks, bridges, abandoned buildings, the Kenosha Court House or the Supreme Court get national attention then? Justice doesn’t seem to come easy but must it be gotten with craziness?


Suppose I re-shingled your house. Let us pretend that the cost of the shingles is $1000 but I had bid the job at $2000. What is my (AGI) Adjusted Gross Income? The Kenosha Courts said $2000 and then framed me with 11 children which I did not have! After paying $18,000 in 22 months, I was incarcerated because I did not have enough money to pay $430/per WEEK! The answer to the calculation above is, $2000 is my Gross Receipts, $1000 is my AGI (which banks and the IRS accept), and when you deduct the disposal of the shingles and miscellaneous expenses you finally get down to my Net Income which I pay taxes on. While incarcerated and not even making ONE penny, the arrearages accumulated $20,000 during the year I spent in jail. The 12 months (year) was split up in three segments and therefore compounds the effect of trying to start over three different times. Everything is gone and in collections because of the judges collusion of vindictiveness. The credit rating was as low as 430. Today with wrongful arrearages at about $160,000 my credit score might be reaching 500 but still can’t borrow a $100 and definitely not a car loan. I argued, (after the expenses) the IRS accepted my AGI to be about $20,000. The Kenosha Court framed me at over $40,000 (double). At every court hearing I tried to argue the mistake but for the first seven years, the court threatened me with contempt if I spoke up again. After the seven years they flipped like a poisonous serpent and stated that I should have argued the issue sooner, because now (the mistake –if it is a mistake), it is “Grandfathered in” and can’t be changed anymore! My last judge tried doing a clever approach at this issue. He stated that a swindler can easily change the appearance of income when going through a divorce. They can intentionally under-employ themselves so to get out of child support. Therefore, he requested my tax forms for the previous TEN YEARS, prior to the divorce. Surprise!! It was exactly what I was saying for the last decade in the courts. I had made an average of about $19,000 AGI during the prime of my life when I was 30 and 40! My current child support was adjusted after that, but the outstanding MISTAKE/arrearages were NOT allowed to be corrected and are still increasing with interest, and therefore, financially I am destroyed. My lot in life is to spend the rest of my days paying for the vindictive collusion the judges made up, OR try to get national attention on this which possibly could get me thrown back in jail. What would you do in my situation if you were thrown into jail again? PLEASE PLACE YOURSELF IN MY SITUATION: If you were incarcerated wrongfully, and you can’t get the pernicious error corrected, you do not have the money for an attorney, you can’t get a public defender (because they are not provided for a family court case), the Judicial Commission, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court are all in conspiracy and connivance together, you can’t get any loans, AND THEN IF YOU WERE INCARCERATED AGAIN, what would you do? What would be your limitation? This country has a Constitution that declares that you should have certain freedoms such as a FAIR TRIAL. But if you are discriminated against from enjoying the main fundamentals of the statutes and constitution, would America and its laws have failed you? The flag represents the freedoms that are in the United States Constitution. If the American laws have failed you because of the corruption in the system, has not the flag indirectly lost its “color”? One thing for sure is that if after another wrongful incarceration, you decide to burn the flag which has NOT allowed you to enjoy the freedom of the Constitution of getting a Fair Trial, there definitely would be publicity then. It may be bad publicity, but the Fortress of Corruption and the illegal activities would also get exposed which is the ultimate goal.


  1. Politicians need to eliminate the dictatorship which exists. My idea of a “NOT THEM” law is only an option. No action from them only confirms that they approve of the Judge Hitler dictatorship situation.
  2. I need public attention on the issue discussed in this article. A.) Mary K. Wagner should do her time for her crime the same as everybody else. B.) I need the mistakes the judges did, be corrected.
  3. If the dictatorship is NOT corrected, and I do NOT get media attention, and Judge Hitler throws me in jail again out of spite, THEN I want mercy shown to me if I decide to burn things that are precious to you (and to me still – but will not be if I’m incarcerated again) in order to get National attention afterward! I wish I could get media attention beforehand and hope things can be corrected before that happens. Twelve years of chicanery to cover up the errors of the first judicial buffoon that does not have a license to practice accounting and taxes! Atrocious malpractice!

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