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Today - January '06

Memorial day and my 67th day in jail. I could be enjoying my family and nature today but got falsely framed for a crime I didn't do. It is a crime to be a dead-beat Dad and not pay any child support. I paid $18,000.00 in 22 months. It is a crime to go 90 days without making an attempt at paying anything in support. I was paying usually weekly. The state commands a maximum of 34% of income. My judge commanded 90% of mine. I had a job making a net of about $300/ week. Support and arrears & interest is about $250/week. How are my two sons and I supposed to survive on $50/week? Why should I get two or three jobs while the judge allows my wife to sit at home with my other children? My wife is a four year college degree trained teacher. Why can I only see my five children only one and a half days a month? My two boys can only see their siblings then too!

Most people that read my stuff mention how helpless they feel, that they don't know what to do. The greatest and easiest gift you can do for me is to expose and express your concerns and feelings to the judge. A bombardment of phone calls, faxes and letters will make a difference. Address it to;

Judge Mary K. Wagner
County of Kenosha
Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court
912-56th Street
Kenosha, WI 53140-3747

The phone number for the Kenosha County Family court is 262-653-2454 if you want to leave a message. The fax number is 262-653-2753. Your input is very important and appreciated by me. Thank you!

Another way you could help is spreading my website to others. Take it to your family, friends, church, school, other contacts, talk shows and media. I tried with no success to get into the Kenosha Newspaper. However somebody else had better connections than me and got it accomplished. I was on the front cover of Kenosha News, April 23, 2003. If a few people would contact their newspaper, TV, and other forms of media, things would happen that I can't do by myself... it depends on you!

If you are in or near Kenosha, maybe your presence in the courtroom at my hearings could be a big help. Knowing the facts and then being present is a powerful tool to fight injustice. If the TV camera was on you and you were the judge, would you be tempted to rule unfairly? or in front of a large crowd that would see how you operate? She is elected! By the public!

I am beginning to realize that if Judge Mary K. Wagner does not give a righteous judgment that I will need to appeal it to a higher court. It does not take magic or a miracle to prove that I don't have the income that I was framed with. I just need a certified accountant. Once that is established, the fact that I already overpaid Child Support is obvious, which means false imprisonment. And if that is true, who do I sue for restitution, the Judge or City? It is not that complicated. Maybe you are or know the best attorney that would be able to do that. Do I take this to the Supreme or the Appeals Court? I think it would take an attorney that is not from Kenosha. They would cut their own throat if they go against the judge for future cases. Maybe that is something you know or can help me with. Thank you!

I also need a picture of Pat & Sue O'Shea. I want to put them on the website too! The purpose is to protect other people from getting deceived by them. The O'Sheas spread their deceptive propaganda throughout the area. I want them to be identified before they even open their mouth. It would prevent them from destroying other marriages. I don't want him to get the chance to convince anyone else to leave their spouse. I want him labeled as a false prophet that tears apart what God has joined together. They meet for service at their church on 75th St. and 20th Ave.

How did they get that building?
In the Spring of (I think) 2001 the Cult was meeting in a small store front that they were renting. A revival meeting was planned and others of their congregation in various states would be attending. They decided they must rent a bigger building suitable for such a meeting. So that community church was paid a visit by the assistant pastor. He discovered that it was a dying church with most of the members worshipping elsewhere. They researched the bylaws and discovered that to become a

This is the "Church" house that Shereen and my five children are living in. The Cult got the whole property church and parsonage for about $20,000.00 through sly but legal deception. I believe it was paid for about two years ago. I also believe that my Ex. is living Rent Free! Therefore she doesn't feel financial pressure, the way I do supporting two households 00%. She lives rent free, drives the "Church" van and lives on the $16,000.00 in 17 months from me.

voting member of the Community Church, the only requirement was to be present at six consecutive weeks of church services. The Cult also started paying the financial obligations. After six weeks they called a meeting since they were all voting members and now also a majority. They voted their members into office positions including Pat O'Shea as assistant pastor. A few weeks later they called another meeting. They voted Pat O'Shea as their full time pastor and gave the Chicago Community Pastor $4000.00 in severance pay. Once in total control the "New" Community Church members gave the property to the Church of God Trust Fund (to themselves). They acquired the 1/2 million dollar property for about $20,000.00, which includes the $4,000.00 severance pay. For the price of a good car they legally defrauded others out of a church, school and house that my family is living in. Probably rent-free. It's paid for and they gloat about their fortune at acquiring that property. They give God the credit for blessing them with it, although they were secretive and deceptive.



If you can help, Thank You. I appreciate it. Please spread this website. Please do it for my children--- they are captives in the clutches of the Cult.

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