Screwed Kenosha Style

There is NO justice in Kenosha, Wisconsin

July 2003

Screwed Kenosha StyleIf you beat somebody else's children in Kenosha with a bread board like a Kenosha pastor and his wife beat my two children, nothing happens. They don't get punished in any way. Absolutely no penalty!

If you beat your own children with dowels across their hands or wherever, the way the pastor's wife did on her children, once again you get no punishment. Go ahead abuse your children in Kenosha and nothing will happen to you.

If after you abuse your two boys, you still want the right to harass and verbally badger them, you can do it in Kenosha. The Kenosha courts will enforce my two boys to be vexed & pestered by the cult. The constitutional rights in Kenosha is for the harasser and not for the harassed. In other parts of this country  teenagers have choices and rights, but not in Kenosha. My boys are victims with NO rights! What kind of violent behavior will the boys be badgered into first before the courts will give them rights? Does Kenosha (so called) Justice first have to make juveniles out of my two boys before their wishes will be listened to ? Kenosha Justice?

If you want to beat your own children (like my Ex. did) with shoes, clothes-hangers, sticks, wooden spoons, dowels, and hairbrushes, ... go ahead. In Kenosha you can even hit your children on their head and keep the children and even withhold them from their father who thought it to be abusive. I only get to see my abused children 1-1/2 days a month, because I wouldn't support abuse.

If you lock your child or even an animal into a hot car for only five minutes, you go to jail, BUT if the Kenosha police falsely arrests you and throws you into a hot police car for about 45 minutes; you get dehydrated and then get an ambulance ride to the hospital... that is O.K.! You just become a victim. All ambulance and hospital debts are yours too. And it all started with an off-balance much more female superior right pressing false charges in Kenosha.

If you want to illegally home school in Kenosha, go ahead. Nothing gets enforced or looked into. My children are right now illegally taught with no consequences in Kenosha.

BUT if you can't figure out how to pay 134% of your gross income for child support, and still feed and clothe your two boys and yourself, you go to jail. Justice?

On September 20, 2002 before the child support was lowered to 134% I was ordered to pay an amount of 178% of my income. Judge Mary K. Wagner of Kenosha demanded jail time or with the same day, pay up option. I borrowed $5000.00 for my Dad and got deeper in debt. She absolutely refused to look at any numbers of my income. Since then I have showed all the numbers to several other attorneys... they all say that I got screwed. If you are reading this and it is after July 11, 203... it is probably because she once again refused to look at facts & figures and sent me to jail for not knowing how to live, feed my two boys and pay 134% of my income.

If I owe you or your agency money, I'm sorry, but it's the Kenosha Justice System that claims that I can take the money that is supposed to go to you and instead pay child support with it, so that my Ex-wife can under-employ herself and sit at home. Where else am I supposed to get the other 34% over my 100% gross income? And if I am in jail ask Judge Mary K. Wagner how I am supposed to pay anything then?

If you are a politician you know the fragile economy that our country is in. Wouldn't  it be a ridiculous burden for the economy and the tax payer to "criminalize" and put someone in jail, because they only paid 68% of their income and didn't know how to pay 134% of their income. Why can my Ex. who abandoned my two boys and myself; moved in with the pastor; she has a college education for being a teacher; she taught a few years; ... how can she just under-employ herself and ride the welfare and food stamp system? She absolutely does not need to pay a penny in child support for her two boys which are in my custody. Not a penny is required of her. Why? Who will support them when I'm in jail?

Up to now, there is NO justice in Kenosha!

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