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14th Amendment Violation
Update February 22, 2007

It has been since 2002 that I have tried to have the Kenosha Courts look at the facts. I have presented IRS and Accountant documents showing the Courts are in error.

Commissioner Plous screwed up the numbers from the beginning. He is NOT an accountant. Attorney Ward only charged me royally to read the documents, but too stupid to understand them or too crooked to do what was right. Judge Mary K. Wagner false imprisoned me because of the false calculations. She aggressively refused to look at the facts Commissioner Fitzgerald refused to consider that the numbers or circumstances were screwed up. Judge Milisauskas refused to look into the facts, because I had a Blue Cover stapled to my booklet of facts.

I continually tried to get a Hearing to look at the facts. In the summer of 2006 I filed for a Hearing. Check out the proof on my Court Access Report. I had to pay for the Hearing that Judge Wagner deprived me of when she ran out of the Court room on September 2, 2004.

Finally the Court established a Hearing for me on November 29, 2006. However Judge Milisauskas denied me my Hearing, refusing to look at the facts, because of the Blue cover. But then he rescheduled it to February 7, 2007. Ironically he recused himself in December.

That makes four Judges that recused themselves from my case. Judge Wagner, Judge Milisauskas, and the two wanna-be Judges; Commissioners Plous & Fitzgerald.

The Kenosha Courts had since December to get another Judge for my February 7th Hearing I took two days off of work, drove almost 900 miles round trip, stayed in a motel just to find out there isn't anything scheduled for me. I was never notified. Even though I paid for the Hearing last year, there still wasn't anything scheduled a few days ago. I have been calling the Court weekly.






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