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Posted: March 13, 2005

Murder and Suicide Approved by Judge Mary K. Wagner?

Jerald Tinsman Jr. was a young man, husband, father, and unfortunately a minister of the Church of God Restoration (cult). To get a little background you need to read the multiple articles on this group from Especially read the article titled – Changed & Severed Lives. Pauletta Tinsman/ Willis was Jerry’s sister and yet he was conned along with his brother Donald Ray to sign the excommunication letter to her.

Click here to; Read the extremely hateful letter for yourself.

The following is to the best of my knowledge.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Jerry fell from some scaffolding about 20 feet onto concrete and messed himself up pretty bad. Now remember the Cult doesn’t believe in medicine or doctors. Therefore he never saw a doctor. I understand he was improving a lot after being in total rest for several days or weeks. He felt well enough to even go on a couple church related trips. He went to Mexico and to the Philippines where the Cult is trying to expand to. After a few weeks rest and back home he decided to go back to work.

It was then that his stomach area couldn’t hold up and he got a massive hernia. I heard it became the size of a soccer ball and still no doctor or medicine was sought. The family was called to give their regards for he might die.

Then a couple of church “Brothers” attempted to push the hernia, the size of a volleyball or soccer ball back in. Something went wrong for the hernia ruptured and heavy hemorrhaging began. Still no doctor and on the morning of February 25, 2005, he died. He left behind a wife with six small children, with the baby only one week and one day old.

However, Judge Mary K. Wagner refuses to let me have my children for my weekend, the Sunday, because they need to be with their mother in this church. I called it a Cult and Wagner said everyone is entitled to their won opinion. What is your opinion? Do you think Wagner is condoning, approving or endorsing the beliefs and activities of the Cult by enforcing my children to be in attendance at that church instead of being with me? Please read my transcripts.

On the fourth weekend of each month I finish my work Thursday and take off for Kenosha. When I get tired I pull over and sleep. Then I finish driving to Kenosha Friday morning. The amount of time before noon is wasted. If I pull up two minutes early in front of the church house, I just have to sit and wait. My children are not allowed to come out until it is exactly 12:00 noon. Then they all come out and we take off for Minnesota. Why? Because my boys have school and it is only Friday. They can’t skip school every month! I also want the siblings together, so I drive.

After about eight hours of traveling with bathroom and food breaks, the children are joined together for the one and only time that month. I go exhausted to bed while my two boys entertain their siblings a few hours longer. About 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning the children wake up and we have breakfast. Then for the next four hours we enjoy anything from skating, snowmobiling, horseback riding, Go-Kart or 4 wheeling to hiking in a nearby state park before we have to leave back to Kenosha. The children say goodbye to each other, no later than 1:00 p.m. before I take them back. I can’t have them until Sunday night because Wagner said they need to be with mother in church. A full month goes by before they can see each other again. In the meantime the five need to be influenced, taught and trained by this church that has murder and suicide in their midst and Judge Mary K. Wagner approves of that arrangement.

Oh yes, Pauletta was not allowed to attend her brothers funeral. She was warned not to even attempt to come for the Cult will take whatever measures necessary to keep her out.

Also, I find it ironic of all this attention on no doctors and no medicine (even unto death), but Sue O’O'Shea has told parents that if the beatings they give to their children leave black & blue bruises and welts, to soak the child in Epsom Salt. Isn’t that a form of medication? She should know that since she used to be a nurse before she joined the cult.

If any of this material irritates you, could you please read and respond to my “Yes, I could use your help” article?

Thank You!

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