Screwed Kenosha Style

Looking for Justice: Where's the accountablility?

This is the letter that I have sent to each of the 99 State Assembly
and all the State Senators (33 of them)

March 19, 2007

Dear ___________,

I was informed that you as the Legislative Branch have the authority over the Judicial Branch in some forms of power and influence. I understand that you do NOT have the power to control the Judges or Courtrooms in what their decisions are as an example. What 1 am requesting from you is to exercise your power within your limitations to help me change this corruption that is in Wisconsin. This situation is NOT exempt to you just because this particular court or fudge is not from your district. This is a Wisconsin Stale issue since it is a Wisconsin Court. I his also is NOT a certain partisan issue since this corruption is universal regardless of the political preference of the victims here at stake. Yes, there are several of us that are being deprived or destroyed our US and WI Constitutional rights.

Briefly for myself I will mention that I am a victim of the system. After I paid $ 18,000 in 22 months for child support the Judge still incarcerated me for six months because of false calculations. Due to that I air; stricken to poverty with collection agencies constantly contacting me. Because of the devastation that the courts have done to me I can't get out of this disaster zone. They have taken every privilege away from me. I can't sell the vehicle junk I have since they put liens against that. I can't buy anything better because of horrible credit. My credit score when 1 got out jail! was 430!! You can read the details of my plight (and some on other victims) at

Because of my inflicted poverty by the courts I don't have the money for a Family Court Attorney that requires the money up front, and then without the guaranty of change. Since my incarceration 1 have tried on my own to get a Hearing to change the errors. After two years of fighting and waiting, two Judges and two Commissioners have recuse themselves from my case. I had a vast supply of proof, documents, accountant and IRS accepted facts, and requests, all stapled together as my book of presentation. I was forced to pay the fees again to get a Hearing to try to change the mistakes that the courts have made. Without ever getting my Hearing, even though I was pushed around in the system for a few months, the fifth judge finally dismisses my case because 1 had stapled a BLUE cover sheet to my booklet. I am stripped to poverty and can't afford to continually throw money at what we call Law and Justice. Is justice only for the people with wealth? I have tried the Judicial Commission but I have not received a reply from them in the last few years. Why? Is there a money trail between the judge and someone there?

I am requesting help from you in direction, advice, and possibly a letter or phone call to these places to ask for accountability. I just want your help to go out to the borders of your limitations. I want a letter back from you regarding these concerns for my hard copy of documents for my personal needs. I am sending this letter to you, but will aiso send it to many others of the Legislative Branch, i will keep a folder of all the responses and also the ones that didn't respond. I look forward to your response.

Sincerely yours,

I will keep a folder on who responds and who doesn't respond and post the outcome here later.

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Supreme Court of Wisconsin - Office of Lawyer Regulation

This is a letter I wrote to the office of Lawyer Regulation in October of 2003

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Postcards that I created and have sent out.

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