Screwed Kenosha Style

Other Victims

I'm starting to hear from others and here are their emails. They wish to be annonymous for obvious reasons.

Kentucky Dan's story

February 15, 2006

Dear Mr. Tocholke:

Please contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx in the evenings. My
name is Barbara xxxxxxx and my husband's name is John
xxxxxxxxx and we also have been victims of the cult.
They stole two of our children and Child Protective
Servies here in Texas have approved the people to be a
foster home even though they are not U.S. citizens and
they were the ones who made false claims against my
husband because they wanted one of our kids. The cult
group's meeting hall is in Honey Grove, Texas and the
man who brought the cult to the area is a former
Mennonite who is very controlling and is not in good
favor with Daniel Layne now.

If you would please call us back we will tell you
exactly what happened, who is involved, and we will
tell you about our dealings with them and what
happened to one of our children who we got back a year
ago and what they did to him.

This group is very dangerous and they have a way to
influence judges, CPS, and anybody they need to to get
what they want.

So please for your younger children's sake, yours and
your older two boys, please call us. You may even
call us at midnight cst.

May God Bless you and your family.

January 6, 2006

Well the last time we talked I was happy about an emergency hearing in
Wagners court, that was good. But, she still screwed me, her and Ward. I
told you how the hearing went, but the previous date she went ahead with no evidence and ordered me to pay my son's mothers insurance premium. We were fighting back and forth about this since Sept.,and she was denying court orders all along. Wagner said she would vacate the order if my attorney(Ward at the time), files a motion. Obiviously that never happened, and Ward never even got me the order from that date. My new attorney states Ward did nothing for me. I agree, and according to my current attorney if Ward would have filed the motion immediately I wouldn't have to pay 2 premiums. My weekly child support obligation now is $85.00 for one child. It was discussed Dec. 8th of raising it to $108.00 a week. My attorney tried to defend my curcumstances,(my wifes a full-time student & mom, step-son doesn't receive support,& we get food stamps etc.),plus travel. As you could imagine she didn't care. That matter got ajourned. I also spoke to the private investigator earlier in the week and he said basically him and Ward were laughing at my complaint. The Department Of Lawyer Regulation closed my case supposedly due to lack of evidence. I would say due to lack of investigating. Anyways I'm requesting the director of that department reopen that case. I am still researching lawyers to take on Ward and his investigator friend. Also I am filing a complaint with The Bar Association Fee Arbitration. [name withheld]

December 12, 2005

Hey Bernie, I also got screwed today by "Honorable" Mary Wagner. Were you there? We are still fighting about insurance. She seems to think I can pick my insurance. She is wanting me to pay for the other sides insurance and mine. She almost made a wage assignment for that. She is ready to raise my child support $40 more a week and my family here is on food stamps. That is great judgments don't ya think! To make matters worse she is wanting to make more arrears by making my support effective Nov. 3. my new attorney, was aggressive, but she wasn't listening. We asked for a guardian and she is ordering mediation first. She's giving my ex everything she asked for and then some. Everything revolves around what she says and my visit that I might not be able to have. She isn't making her meet me half way she is wanting me to drive all the way up there, get him, drive all the way back home and do it all again in 4 days. so I would have him like maybe 2-3 days without driving. we would spend 40 hours in the car. Not to mention $800 in travel costs. She wants my $600 arrears in a timely manner. What is she trying to do to me? I know she is ruining my chances of a relationship with my son and I am going to file a complaint on her. My attorney is filing some motions soon and after that I will file my grievance. This place is sooooooooooooo sickening. All I wanted was my God given rights to my child. Have you had any new developments? I just financed this computer so feel free to e-mail or call me anytime.

My wife has been working on getting background on Ward and Wagner. So far we will have to go in person, like you said but I did find out that Ward has been sued several times by clients. I will be contacting those attorneys and possibly filing suit soon on Ward. We are also looking into Mary's bar in Paddock Lake and a connection to my ex and that bar. talk to ya soon, [name withheld]


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