Tree Cutting & Removal

Quoting prices on tree removal without seeing the job is very difficult, but I will try to give you some ideas. The easiest trees are the logger trees that you can cut from the ground and tip in a certain direction. Next are the arborist trees that need to be climbed, but have a clean drip line area. The drip line is the distance from the trunk to the tip of the Dripline illustrationbranches. If nothing is within that area it is considered a clear drip line tree. Then the most challenging ones are the trees that every branch needs to be roped down, away from buildings or wires. I have never found an impossible tree, but had several that needed a lift truck. We also need to consider the different steps of tree removal. Cutting it down is the first step. Do you want it hauled away? Some customers want the branches chipped, but then want the chips left, which is cheaper than hauling them away. However, with chipping I might not be interested in hauling the chipper a great distance. Call me to find out.

As far as just cutting it down I will travel a great distance if you can dispose of it yourself. I recently took down a pine tree that had about a steering wheel size trunk, about 50' tall, lots of obstacles and wires around it but have a clean drip line. I had to climb it and charged $30. A different climbing job of three storm damaged Maple trees, clean drip line, I quoted $150. I finished sooner than I thought and charged only $100. He did the cleanup. Later I came back and did the stumps for $60 total.

For more pricing ideas see: example #1, example #2, example #3 example #4

I hope this gives you enough information. Thank you.


Here I am taking down one of the main trunks, chunk by chunk

This is the one job that you start at the top.

Just me and my trusty chain saw.

Can you spot me above the pink house?

Looking down!

... toward the street,

... toward the alley and my Chipper.

Nearing completion

My Chipper and son, BIG help in the making!

To see that view... need to learn the ropes!

It is as easy as counting... one






One bite at a time... it is not that hard, you say?!

Look at all those wires I had to work around.

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