Screwed Kenosha Style


NO Alcohol-even fish in wine sauce or beer brats
NO Supper cubs - they serve alcohol
NO Jewelry-that includes wedding rings
NO Gold color anywhere - belts, buttons, shoes, limes, watches, on cars, etc.
NO Circuses,
NO Carnivals - rides, Six flags
NO Parades,
NO Rodeos
NO Truck/Tractor pulls
NO Ball games-football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.
NO Beaches, YMCA, Swimming lesions, Public Bathing - unless remote and fully clothed
NO Sport workout gym NO Watching Olympics .. definitely not on TV
NO TV or VCR for pleasure or educational
NO Ice skate performances. Ice Capades, World on Ice, Disney on lce, etc.
NO Disneyland involvement -.absolute no trace of cartoon characters in chlldrens toy box, clothing, pictures, wall decor, etc.
NO Bush Gardens and such like
No Truck, Car, or Animal Shows
NO Clowns
NO Valentines
NO Jokes
NO Karate, Boxing, or Wrestling events
NO Caffeine
NO Musical Instruments in Church
NO Movie or Play Theatre
NO Plays/passion plays included
NO Acting
NO Christmas Carols/Songs
NO Air Shows
NO Concerts - does not matter what type of music
Extreme limits of time spent with relatives that are not part of... group void em! Avoid other associations, too
NO Festivals
NO State or local Fairs
No Ocean Cruises - 'alcohol & riotous living'
NO Hawaii - very immodest place
NO Harley- Other street cycles discouraged
NO Casinos -'gambling, bar'
NO Public School! College discouraged
NO Races -car, horse, dog (Indy 500),
NO Derbies
NO Doctors, hospitals, or Medicine (Many in this group including children have died because of this belief.)
NO Arcades
NO Computer Games
NO Fairy Tales - Red Riding Hood, 3 Bears, etc.
NO Internet - unless job demands it and then only with Pastor's permission
NO Dancing, not even In your own home
NO Dating
NO Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Pasters arrange marriages
NO non-sibling children (boys/girls) playing together -boys & girls play separate
NO Sport cars
NO Sport pickup trucks
NO fancy cars (Cadillac is out)
NO bright colored (like red or yellow) automobiles
NO Limousines
NO Spoke Wheels anytime
NO Red Clothing - Danny Layne condemned hunting clothes
NO Sandals
NO Embroidery
NO Lace (even on women's underwear)
NO Emblems or Lettering which includes on hats
NO Monopoly
NO Games using dice
NO Card Games (Old Maid is next to sin)
NO Pool
NO Bowling
NO Golf
NO Bingo
NO Tuxedoes
NO Ties 'only the fallen churches allow them'
NO Cowboy attire - boots, hats, snap button shirts are wrong
NO Belt buckles - only the smooth dress belt type is permissible
NO Squirt guns
NO western toy guns
NO toy soldiers/military men
NO Teenage daughter sitting on her dads lap
Non-permissible jobs:- Policeman, Political party offlce, TV repairmen, Selling TV's or VCR's, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, distant trucker, military, attorney or judge, anyone In sports, Stock Market
NO having a job in any of the 'NO Places' (Example- waitress in a casino or supper club), beauty parlor & tanning places
WOMEN: always wear dresses to the ankle, sleeves to the wrist, vest, Hair NEVER cut or trimmed and always put up in a bun, never any lace including on their underwear, only white underwear. Pajamas are the same level of "modesty" ...No frills, lace, or skin exposed. Girls abide by the same rules.
NO Birth Control ... only abstinence.
MEN: always long dark pants, shirts to the wrist - collar button shut, too shirt mandatory, vest or suit for servlce (no tie), for church white shirt required but not enforced have rebellion if you don't.
NO Jeans.
EVERYONE obeys the Pastor (or should)
VISITING any other church is forbidden
NO Skipping church service (need pastors permission)
NO Christmas...NO Tree, NO Lights, NO Manger scene, etc.
NO Easter... not even a resurrection sermon
NO Cross, when the local church got the pre-owned building, they chopped the front cross apart and threw It await
NO U.S. FLAG. Once again when they got the building they threw the flag away. They have preached against the flag several limes. 'You never pledge allegiance to the flag but only to God!'

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