Screwed Kenosha Style

Is it a Cult?


Instead of arguing back and forth, let us just read and listen to what THEY have to say. Here are the papers they printed and sounds that were recorded at their services. I will be condemned even more for doing this, but they preached it for the world to hear, why should I be shunned for helping them spread it?

We're the Church That Can't be Defeated


For those of you who are familiar with this hymn, you will notice the additional verses that this cult has added to the song.

In the Depth of the Sea


For those of you who are familiar with this hymn, you will notice the additional verses that this cult has added to the song.

Loose Him


For those of you who are familiar with this hymn, you will notice the additional verses that this cult has added to the song.

Judgement to Come


Sermon by Sister Susan Mutch

Complete sermon:
"The Teaching of Revelations"

This link takes you to the next page where you can hear the contents of a full sermon.


The greatest challenge convincing these people is that they talk through both sides of their mouth. The normal person understands their answer one way, but they actually meant something else, therefore not lying. Examples?

Read the articles on the eleven month old baby dying. In court the question gets asked, "why didn't you take the baby to the hospital?" The answer was that they didn't know how sick the child was. The normal person backs off from them, feeling that they made a mistake. They wanted you to believe that, but for them to lie, what they actually meant was "we really didn't know what was wrong with it. Yes the child might die, but we don't really know that for sure, so we will just trust in God. We didn't really know how sick the child was!"

The Kenosha News article states that Pat O'Shea was asked about the bread board paddle. He answered, that he would cut that paddle up and throw it away. He did not answer the question. --if he ever beat my boys with something like that (but evaded it by saying) he would throw it away.

When the pressure was increased by the authorities on the issue of medicine and children, the 'cult' quickly called a ministers meeting. They quickly worded a phrase that they, "will no longer withhold medicine from the children."

A normal person (even though you might be the 'authority') would surmise that they will now give their children medical attention. Fooled you! That is not what they meant. Any child that will aggressively attack them to get the medicine, true, they will not fight to withhold it from them. However, if there is a small child, extremely weak from sickness, and two young and ignorant to ask for medicine... are they then withholding 'from them?' NO! The child never asked for it and it is against their religion to willfully give it. Nothing has changed except the wording...

Another forked speech they give is the idea of the Church. When you first meet them they claim every saved soul is the Church, but when amongst themselves they reinforce their true beliefs, that they are the 'one and only.' All other people are in Babylon and need to come out and join them to avoid hell-fire.

Don't just accept what I am saying, enjoy the following! Hear it for yourself. This section will probably expand and continue, so check back often for new editing and editions. And sure, if you like their preaching and teachings you can call them to talk to them about it. They usually are reachable at 3:00 a.m.

Alaska, USA

Bro. & Sis. Sims (907) 376-7133
Bro. & Sis. Maynard (907) 338-9700

California, USA

Bro. Daniel Layne (909) 985-5759

Illinois & Wisconsin, USA

Bro. Patrick O'Shea (262) 652-7517

Indiana, USA

Bro. Ray Tinsman (765) 468-7373
Bro. Jere Thilmony (574) 268-9420

Ohio, USA

Bro. Randy Hargrave (937) 547-3003

Oklahoma, USA

Bro. Gary Boevers (405) 376-9359
Bro. Robert Bourn (405) 550-4324

Texas, USA

Bro. Johnny Friesen (903) 378-3295

Manitoba, Canada

Bro. & Sis. Wieler (204) 320-9091

Ontario, Canada

Bro. Henry Hildebrandt (519) 765-23311


Bro. Siegfried Tovstiga (06264) 926237

Baja California Mexico

Bro. Aaron Braun (646) 173-6464

Chihuahua, Mexico

Bro. Peter Hildebrandt (625) 584-1011

Durango, Mexico

Bro. Isaac Thiessen (677) 100-2401


Bro. Bonface M. Munzaa Kenya


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