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My tree cutting/stump grinding services are available in a 100 mile radius of Hinckley, Minnesota
SKS Story service area

The yellow shows my primary service area, however I would be very interested in traveling outside of this area if the job is big enough.  I don't want to have to start calculating mileage, which is something I don't charge for.  Example: a job in Wausau would require at least $150 of work.  Contact me for specifics, if you have any doubts.

One customer from a North West suburb of Chicago called me. He liked my prices and contacted all his heighbors asking them for stumps. As much as I remember, I did several neighbors stumps for $1.00 per inch, and told my customer for organizing it all, that his stumps were free. He was happy to get a good deal at $1.00/inch and insisted in paying me that. That is what I mean about a certain dollar amount of stumps in an area.

Other tree cutters have used me too for I could do them cheaper or faster if they had a smaller machine. Yes, they do get a better deal if they have 20 stumps lined up for me.

Just contact me to see if I have anything else in the area or how much you have and if I would be interested.

Contact me through email.
Better yet, if you called and left a message at the home. 320-384-6043.
I have a cell phone and that number is 715-939-0109.


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