Welcome to my website! 

To start off, I'd like to invite you to watch my video...

Bernie Tocholke
Stump Grinding Video

if you have a dial up connection it isn't practical to watch my video,
because it is 26 Megs. For those of you with a broadband connection
I wanted to show you just what it is that I can do.

Chainsaw On Steroids

For your entertainment, I have put together a tree cutter video. This isn't one of my machines, but I had to share this with you. It's pretty amazing to watch and I hope you enjoy.

Wood For Sale

I am building an inventory of some pretty nice wood/logs for you to buy.

$1 - $2 running foot for Black Walnut, depending upon how clear it is.
Also, I offer Black Ash, Oak and Aspen. You can contact me for details...

bernie@sksstory.com or my cell is 218-341-8322



When you're done reviewing my Tree & Stump Grinding services , I'd like you to visit the other half of my website.
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