Measure across the top of the stump. Is it perfectly round or is it like my sketch? Take the average which would be a 20” stump for my drawing. The first stump costs $1.50 per inch. That means that particular stump would cost $30. However I need to stay with my base rate of $35. for a distance of 20 miles of my route or another stump. Suppose you had two stumps like the one pictured. The second stump is $1.00 per inch. Take the $30.00 of the first stump and add $20 for the second stump and you have a $50 job total.

Now the price keeps going down for the more stumps that you have. I had one customer that owned an apple orchard. He had trees that died out amongst a lot of good live ones. He removed the trees and hired me to do the stumps. There were about 50 stumps with the average size about 8” in diameter. As close as I remember, I think the charge was about $125.

If your stump is quite rotten already, the price goes down. Just looking at the size of one particular stump--I remember quoting, one time, a customer $75. He agreed and I started grinding. I quickly found out the interior of the stump was pretty well rotted. When I finished, the customer was shocked. I told him that the adjusted correct price was $35 because of the rot. He was pleased and commented that he wished more of society would operate with honesty like that, instead of the usual taking advantage of the situation.

Bernie & stump grinder
Me with my Rayco Stump Grinder

Tree Cutting Prices

Because of wires, obstactles, tree height, hardness of wood, and all, I have to inspect the job and give you a quote. For examples of jobs and their costs, please click here


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