Screwed Kenosha Style

#3804H-001 E West 34
Kenosha County Jail
April 10, 2004:

Dear Randy & David (and family:
Please read Lori's letter too: I don't want to repeat everything about what is going on here. After I fall asleep my hand might still be mad at me and start slapping my face for revenge. So please read her letter too! It will keep my face from being a bloody mess in the morning.

Another thing I appreciated that you went together to send me a letter. One envelope, one stamp. SMART! If you only have a half a page, go to Doris with it and see if someone wants to quickly write a paragraph and sign. Then do the same at Gary's and Mani's and Vern's, or write down word for word a message from Grandpa or Grandma. Call Helga, I am afraid she is left out - I hope not. Then go to Lori and put all the pages (not a bunch of 1/2 or 1/4 sheets) and use ONE envelope ONE stamp (if less then weight limit) and send. Thank you.

I really appreciate both of you writing me. I choked up when I read them.

David: I like it that your thinking about spending some time together the three of us. It means a lot to me. I agree we need to do something. It wouldn't cost that much depending what we do. If I pay for the diesel Rabbit it would be even cheaper.

Randy: I am glad you enjoy mechanics, you won't regret in learning all you can and also in other areas, too. I'm glad you found something you like already. I am sorry that I can't be there to pay for the parts. David didn't mention it, but Lori did. I am proud that both of you got not only a hair cut, but all of them cut. Thank you, it means so much to me. I'm taking it as a gift from you to me, even if I wasn't the reason you may have done it. I was blaming the cult for it before - it helped me accept it then. My view point to the group you call "bastards" is equal if not worse then yours. I am excited that  there are attorneys that want to sue them. I understand these are professionals. Maybe like the ones that beat Danny Layne from getting the Washington/ Nocksack campground. It didn't look good for the Nocksack group, since it was willed also, to the Church or God trust fund, at first. But the courts ruled against those bastards like Danny Layne. Remember, bastards is not a swear word. It is in the Bible and not with a changed meaning either like ass. But they are a bastard as long as God doesn't deal with them about their many sins and they believe they are so pure. That makes them a bastard according to the Bible, Paul said that. If anyone objects or challenges you on that look up bastard in the concordance and show them. Swear words are not in the Bible IF used by the right meaning.

I am already hysterically amused to think of people looking at the website, open it, turn to the cult part of it. They look and see the Kenosha News article and remember the stir it caused. They will see our family picture and see how nice a family...and destroyed? By what? There will be the rules! Crazy rules. But they will deny them. Then on the website they will press the button for sound and Bingo! They hear bits and pieces that I edited out of Danny Layne, Ray or Jerry Tinsman, Hargraves, O'Sheas, anyone else like Susan Mutch. The Pieces that I will edit are the ones where they state the "strong" points. For example "Go ahead, buy that red jacked up pickup truck, you will regret it for eternity" "Shame on those Babylon churches that the teenage daughters sit on their daddy's lap." "Yes the Pope is the Anti-Christ but so is everybody in those Babylon churches that say it" The last one is a direct quote that I got from the last Danny Layne message I listened to when I came to Kenosha two weeks ago on my way down. Then they can listen to some songs like the one "Called Out" and they start naming out like Guthrie Church of God, Gemeinde Gottes, Anderson Church of God, etc. Then they can read the Gospel Trumpet the one I like where they are the only ones. Sue O'shea wrote one article in it. Then they can see the pictures of the cult building in Kenosha. The house of James and Pat. And best of all I will get somebody to go sunday morning early and get a picture of Pat and Sue. They will hear how they abused their children. Can you picture after I walk the streets of Kenosha, people will recognize their face and dress no matter where they go in Kenosha... Grocery Store? Gas Station? By their house?... for their address will be on it! and to wonder what the community is going to think that Mary K. Wagner said that it was a good group and they bashed her Catholic beliefs? Exciting! We will WIN!

Love you!
Your Rebel Daddy

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