Screwed Kenosha Style

#3804H-001 E West 34
Kenosha County Jail
April 10, 2004:

Dear Lori (and family):
You made my day. When I received Randy, David and your letters today, I had to choke back my tears that wanted to flow. This is the 15th day in jail and I really appreciated my first two letters. You mentioned my letters, but I was unclear if you seen or read all six of them. I hope they are circulated and saved for me when I get out for documentation's. I want to know certain situations, dates and quantities/numbers which I am starting to forget. In the letters I could reflect on the details as they happened.

The only new news that happened to me is Friday morning. The jail serves good food and plenty of it, in fact too much. Maybe David would starve in six months, but yet I really can't pick on him. He used to hate corn - used to gag on it. Now he eats it. WEll anyway I can eat just about anything and even like it. But without much exercise, I started to feel bloated. I wanted to skip a meal, but that created a scene. I tried to talk to a black lady guard for suggestions. She told me I should try for the "living free" program. I didn't know what she is talking about. She said it is rigid, more in different areas, but lot more benefits and privileges in other areas. What can you lose? If you don't like it you can come back.

I told her O. K. and so I packed my sheets, blankets and stuff and moved to a different part of this 36-38 million dollar facility (I heard that today). My new dorm has 32 beds. I have the best one - furthest corner against the wall, bottom bunk. I like the bottom. I don't need my tree-spurs to get into it and better yet the top bunk blocks the lights that are only dimmed at night. The nicest change is that I am among adults no more kids and animals. The inmates where given the right to be their own police. We are accountable to each other. The rules are final. No talking in the lunch line, bunk area, or showers. Lock your stuff in your locker when you leave your bunk. When we go to bed at 10:00 p.m. we are in the bunk area so everything is quiet when it is bedtime. That is great! Whoever violates gets written up by one of us and the violated does the cleaning. We have short meetings daily (except Saturday) to address the slip ups of various inmates. Another advantage is that there is only 32 of us and each lunchroom can pack ds60. When I was 1 of 60 it was uncomfortable to eat - it was cozy. 7 to a table instead of 4 to a table.

Showers are available all day (pretty much) except for during any meetings or when the dayroom is not open either. I was in a Church service and a bible study today- two different events. It was a good church service and O. K. Bible study.

Now to the Questions and Comments of the letter. Let's go to the website. The business that will do it for me is Tarey Johnson but for sure his site is I have his name in the van. Fred has his phone number. Website cost $250 a year. His charge he would waive for right now but needs the $250. How will it help? Fred has a copy of the six page pamphlet but to mail a fresh copy to every place that might or could help. It is a lot of trouble. When the bill collector called you, you could have told her to look up and she would see the complete facts, pictures, IRS forms, C-CAP, Court documents, and articles. They also could see the newspaper article (Kenosha News) and get referred to the website about the cult. That website would have an attachment for anyone looking up the cult to look up mine. There is an anti-judge, Mary K. Wagner, website with attachments available to open up to other websites that also got "screwed." Mine?

When I get out I already got approval for the legal ness of it from the police, that as long as I am peaceable about it I can carry a sign demonstrating against whatever - it is legal. The cop said my article is very good, but never to say that he said that. He said he never seen anything like it. If I carry that sign that I had in the bedroom which has SCREWED KENOSHA STYLE.COM, and walk for 2 - 10 days, up and down every busy street in Kenosha, what will happen when people see it? They will look up the website and see everything including Rick Ross. If they get excited they will e-mail their friends, relatives, or fellow suffer's which is cross town or cross country or on the other side of the world and tell them to look up my website. The snowball keeps rolling. Channel 12 or 6 or whatever station thrives on commotions. If some guy is walking with a BIG sign on front tied to another one just like it on his back they might get excited - they usually do. I'll tell them to meet me in front of the courthouse in 1/2 hour. If they have just 15 seconds of coverage of me standing on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse with a sign that has big letters SCREWED KENOSHA STYLE. COM on it and all they say is that "we seen this today on the front court entrance of Kenosha, WI...!??! All over Milwaukee or Chicago in ten seconds.... pictures of Fuzz face, Gospel Trumpet paper, O'Shea's children Black & Blue, etc.... BOOM! It is legal, too!

Walking the streets of Kenosha like that isn't anymore embarrassing than dressing in orange pajamas, red/orange sandals, sometimes in handcuffs and walk single file with a policeman by your side. I am in training to carry a sign and not to feel embarrassed to do it. I am chomping at the bit. I wish I could tell the guards right now to look up "Screwed..." The next day they would see me, they might just know a whole lot about me. A small snowball takes a little time to get bigger but once it gets 2 feet across within a few feet after that it is too big to push. If the website was up and going I have enough friends in Kenosha that would fax or email the website over to someone else times 10. The small snowball might get pretty big before I even get out. If judge Mary K. Wagner sees it.... She can't punish me for it... it is legal and it is not slander - all true! She might want the chance to change some things to save herself before I announce it to the 80,000 people of Kenosha when I walk the street. If she sees it on the website, will she get scared because she is demanding 90% of my income while the state commanded her a maximum of 34%... State of Wisconsin? Will she want to pull me out of jail to see if we can negotiate? NOt an option if it is not there.

But none of this will happen if there is no website. I will serve my whole time. I probably won't see you until 6 months or after September 26, 04. I have the money bit I don't. Fred told me you got the check but could only deposit it. I think I have my checks in the box they come in on top  of the tall dresser in the corner underneath all my papers. Make sure it is the Braham Bank not the Hinckley Credit Union. If it is not there, it is in the van. If it is there though, take the next check and fill it out completely and send it, along with all pictures and materials, immediately to him. Look at how I sign or better yet the *end of this letter. Please be prompt, everyday delay is a day longer in jail. Thank you.

The Rick Ross lawyers want to hear my story and give me free legal aid to break the cult if I or the boys had any physical or emotional distress. I wish I could notify them "Screwed..." for a start. There is an attorney just into Illinois that wants to look at my case maybe free or paid by my former customer. The former customer is a businessman and uses him. I wish it could be simple and tell him to look up "Screwed..." and he would have enough information to get started. Everything is a stand still until the website. In the meantime I sit and rot and wait until the website or the 6 months which ever comes first. I hope I answered that question enough to realize the urgency.

*The copies of the first page only of each years tax forms goes to the website, not to Fred.

*No material is necessary if I could tell the preacher "look up SCREWED..." What if he got touched and told his big church "Please pray for the man at WWW.SCREWED..."? What if people in there are officials or lawyers or ?...? How much photo copies would it take if not the Web?

*You did good on the Bill collector - once again you could have told her to check out "Screwed..."

*By the way the article you have that was on the card table is different then the last article I typed or had Christy type part of it for me. The website has that one already, but if you wanted to see some of the facts ask Randy or David to get it from Marion. It is on their computer. The one you have the (web-Tarey) doesn't have it - he needs that too!

*I am glad that Dad is strict with the boys. Tell him Thank you - give him a hug.

*I am glad my daughters became sons again - I am proud of them for that.

*Two years ago my wife left me on Easter/ Two years later she puts me in jail/ Two years from now is she going to shoot me?

*If you burn some bodies place down you get 2 or 3 months in jail. If you can't pay $250 out of every $300 a week you get double or triple that time. Just Peachy! Wonderful!

*Sympathy for Harold Mueller's. Wish you could tell him "Screwed..." His sister in law is in the cult.

*Tell Fred which nights and time frame would be the best time to connect by phone. I contracted him about 7 times I think. If we knew you were home I could maybe call you - Fred would see to that. I heard Christy's voice 1 or 2 days ago. About 7:00 p.m. is best for me until 9:00 p.m.

*I break rule yes! I broke a rule of using the phone at the wrong time today. I didn't know the phone was considered part of the dayroom. Dayroom wasn't open yet & I knew that. I knew the day room was the table and chairs to play games at and visit but didn't know it included phone usage. Just got reproved.



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