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After serving only about half of my sentence I suddenly, without notice, was released on June 28th, 2004. I am wondering on which pressure point that I used, that the judge would consider to recant her decision she made on March 26, 2004, concerning a six month sentence.

Was it this website? Was it that I appealed to the Appeals Court in Madison? Or was it the Kenosha News newspaper that is in the process of writing an article on people that have been affected by the Kenosha Courts?

Why would Judge Mary K. Wagner condemn my $10/hour job on March 26th and threw me in jail, but then release me 95 days later on a $10/hour job that she never verified if it was bogus or not? It was not a huber release but a full release without even checking if the employment was real.

In the real world again it is a struggle. My vehicle was seized because I had not made a payment for over three months and therefore defaulted with judgments against me. Without a vehicle the job was bogus. After sleeping in a friends van for over a week, someone else borrowed me some more money so I could get my van back. Finally after 11 days after my release I got to reunite with my two boys. As far as my other five children I have to wait, I haven't seen or been able to communicate with them since February.

During my week without my vehicle, I did walk a lot. I went to the court house and filed for another hearing and was accepted.

I desire your presence or input by phone or fax concerning my next court date. Please let the court know of what you think of their decision. Request the media to be present, that would be exciting and also so encouraging. I don't want favoritism, but just fairness.

This time it will be in front of Commissioner James Fitzgerald, August 10, 2004, 3:30 p.m. and I think Room 101. If there is no charge, I will not even leave the building before filing a Denoval Review. That consist of a re-trial in front of a Judge, probably Judge Mary K. Wagner. And if she denies a change I will immediately pursue the Appeals court. With your help I can have justice.

Thank you so very much.




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